Male Infertility


Male infertility is defined as any issue that lowers the male’s chances of getting his female partner pregnant.  One-third of infertility cases results in the male being problem.  Although there may be many causes, typically it due to problems with sperm production or delivery.  Sperm problems can stem from hereditary issues, lifestyle choices and certain illnesses and infections.  Diagnosing male infertility can be difficult.  First, your doctor will get a full medical history and physical exam as well as blood work and semen tests.  Learn more about male infertility on Urology Health website.


Treatment will be determined by the cause of the infertility.  Many problems are typically fixed with drugs or surgery, most can be treated non-surgically.  The primary goal is to find a treatment that allows for conception through natural sex.  Some standard treatments include surgery to block off abnormal veins, medicine or surgery to treat hormonal abnormalities and surgical correction of sperm transport and delivery.

How We Can Help

Male infertility can be frustrating for families but it is a well understood condition and there are many treatments available most on an outpatient procedure.  The beginning steps are to determine the cause which may take some time.  Austin Urological Associates is committed to the best and latest treatments and procedures to help you and your family.   Contact us for an appointment at (512) 476-6060

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